Data-driven research on client groups’ needs

Blue Sky Group


During the past two years, Innovation Booster has helped Blue Sky Group design an Innovation Road Map and introduce an innovative way of working that is now being used in various innovation projects, such as the client groups’ needs project. The project was aimed at a better understanding of the various client groups participating in the Blue Sky Group pension funds, to better fit their customer service needs. In doing so, a foundation was laid for a client-driven innovation project in the field of customer journeys.


Based on collected data information, Innovation Booster, together with a multidisciplinary team, spent 12 weeks to determine the differences between the needs of the various client groups. First, desk research resulted in more than 50 internal and external data resources that were collected and analyzed. Based on these analyses, ten probable client needs were defined. Next, an online survey was conducted to prioritize the needs and to investigate if there was a relationship between demographics and the clusters of needs that had been indicated as most important. Through agile working, and thinking from the participants’ points of view, and by validating the assumptions on the basis of collected data, very good results were achieved.


  • 1500+ completed questionnaires ranking needs and demographics (21% net response and 85% completion)
  • Insight into which needs are hygiene factors for the Blue Sky Group clients
  • Insight into client groups based on needs and demographics, depicted in three personas
  • In addition, 17 customer journeys were determined and jointly prioritized based on quantitative and qualitative data


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