Innovatiemethodiek uitrollen door teams wereldwijd te coachen op het ontwikkelen van nieuwe proposities

ING Bank


Our engagement with ING started with a pilot project on a new mobile payment system (Payconiq) in 2014. Together with the team we experimented and tested various approaches to different target groups in order to marketize multiple digital propositions.


Following this initial impetus, we co-developed the PACE innovation methodology together with ING. The PACE innovation methodology is designed to speed up innovation within different departments and business units of ING. PACE is rolled out globally in two different ways: in accelerator programs and in everyday operations (PACE Everyday). In the accelerator program, employees with innovative ideas are permitted time to validate and flesh out their ideas. PACE Everyday is a tailor-made methodology suitable for improvements in everyday business.


Rolling out PACE affected 52,000 employees. We were a key partner for ING during this process. 144 employees participated in innovation projects, 12 ING coaches were trained internally, and 36 managers from the business joined up and received training.

Numerous innovations and projects resulted from this process, including:

- A mortgage proposition for intermediaries
- An improved ING app for customers
- A RoboConsultant for private investments
- A strategic marketing tool for shopping malls
- An instant transactions platform for the large-scale corporate segment (global)
- An international peer-2-peer payment platform
- Increased conversion for French current accounts

we managed X projects
X products were launched


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